Becky & Dan Wedding // St Kilda. VIC

This ones a pretty big blog post, so prepare yourself.  We struggled to cut it down, not because we think these are all million dollar images, but because we're so connected & attached to the emotion in the photos.  We've photographed many weddings and it's these sorts of ones that really keep us going.  These guys weren't caught up in anything but each other.  Dan & Becky were supposed to get married earlier this year but due to health complications, it was pushed out until August this year.  You could see the day was only about one thing to them.  When people are truly aware of the gift of love, marriage and even life itself, it tends to make things so much more special.  We were truly blessed to be a part of this day not because of the styling, the locations or how magazine worthy the wedding may be, but because it was truly a special day to be a part of.  We walk away feeling inspired by the love these guys have for each other.  

Congratulations Becky & Dan x

Jason LucasComment